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Stamped Concrete Knoxville

Stamped Concrete is a cost-effective, practical way to enhance the look of your concrete patio, driveway, or walkway.

With dozens of choices for pattern and texture, stamped concrete can transform an otherwise lackluster concrete patio into an inviting and stylish hideaway. Concrete stamping mimics the looks of much more expensive stone pavers, bricks, or even wood without the additional cost, and holds up better over time and will stand up to the elements.

Newly stamped concrete for a residential pool
newly construct stamped concrete in a residential pool

Concrete Stamping for any Project

Consider stamped concrete for all around your home’s exterior. Our professionals have years of experience both laying and resurfacing the concrete, then applying either the textured concrete or a stamp overlay to the existing surface. This is a great option for patios and your pool deck. A stamped or patterned concrete finish can be designed to match the existing aesthetic of your home or landscaping, and enhance the overall appeal of your backyard without breaking the bank. Additionally, a stamped concrete pool deck will add a textured finish that will help keep your family safe from slipping while playing in and around the pool.

Our team members will work with you to decide the best color, pattern, and texture for your space. We encourage you to review our options online, or seek out existing stamped concrete in your neighborhood, in a showroom, or in online galleries. It’s important to choose a design that you will love for years down the road.

In addition to patios, we also specialize in stamped concrete driveways and stamped concrete walkways. Our craftsmen can replicate cobblestone, brick, wood, slate, and other stone looks. You’ll be amazed at how professional and authentic stamped concrete can look. We also offer subtle patterns and textured concrete for sidewalks or driveways if you’re looking to add visual appeal and interest to your landscape, but you don’t want to go overboard.

Decorative Concrete in Knoxville

Many homeowners like the look of tile, flagstone, or slate tiles, but when they look at the price tag for installing them they are shocked. Not only are these materials more expensive than concrete, they also take longer to install, are more difficult to maintain, and have a shorter life than a stamped or patterned concrete. You can achieve the same look for far less money, and save yourself the headache of the labor-intensive maintenance stone pavers will require. Because the concrete is poured as one piece, it can be designed to fit any area and will be less prone to weeds or other vegetations growing between it like pavers would do. You’ll love the new look of your stamped concrete patio, and you’ll save money and time over the years in reduced maintenance.

If you are in the market for stamped concrete contractors, look no further than Knox Concrete Contractors. Decorative concrete stamping or a stamp overlay is an excellent choice if you’re looking to resurface an existing concrete patio or driveway.

newly construct stamped concrete in a residential pool Knoxville

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