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ADA Ramp Contractors Knoxville TN

These contractors work in line with the rules and regulations of a particular organization known as the American disabilities act (ADA). These contractors are famous for building a way or plane to connect two levels. The ramps are usually sloppy to allow disabled users with wheelchairs and people with mobility issues to easily access public buildings, transport, telecommunications, services, and others.

This is essential in ensuring all populations are carried along without discrimination. Various ramps include ADA  compliant curb ramps, aluminum ramps, commercial concrete ramps, steel mesh ramps, still back ramps, and others.

Accessible ramp with metal handrails leading to a building, designed for ease of use and mobility.
Architectural image showing a modern metal ramp with a zigzag side railing against the backdrop of a classical stone columned building and green lawn.

ADA Concrete Sidewalk Ramps

Installing ADA Concrete ramps in public places is essential because, apart from the fact that ramps are a unique way for people with health issues to access public buildings, concrete is non-slippery, making it easy for people using sticks to walk past. It’s also very comfortable for footing in wet weather.

ADA Concrete ramps can also be built in public transportation centers by ADA ramp contractors specialized in ADA parking lot services. These ADA ramp contractors specialize in every commercial concrete ramp building.

There are essential tools to make concrete ramp building easier. These tools include; concrete edgers, form building tools, Shovels, concrete mixing tools, concrete float, fine bristle brooms, and others.

Essential factors to consider before installing ada Concrete ramps include; who will have access to the ramp, whether it is wheelchairs, cargoes, or what, as this will determine the design, size, and weight capacity of the ramp.

The second factor is the location of the ramp. This is also essential in determining certain features of the ramp. For example, outdoor ramps can be made of more durable material due to exposure to different weather conditions.

The third factor is the type of ramp needed, depending on the type of business establishment, whether it is a telecommunications center or head care facility, etc. The variety of ramps includes portable or permanent ramps; portable ramps can be easily removed and are highly customized, while the permanent ramp is made of highly durable materials to last long.

We also love helping homeowners with pouring a concrete slab for garages and sheds, or additions. Any home additions you have in mind will probably need to begin with a concrete slab installation, and it’s important your new slab matches your existing concrete work. When you meet with one of our trained craftsmen, they’ll be able to walk you through each step of the process and will keep you informed from the beginning to the end. We’ll have your slab poured, set, and cleaned up in no time so you can move on to the construction phase knowing you have a solid foundation to build upon.

ADA Compliant Curb Ramps

An ADA-compliant curb ramp is designed by abiding by ADA and uniform federal accessibility standards (UFAS) rules, such as wider doorways, grab bar support in bathrooms, sink and counters with lower height, handrails, and titled mirrors. It should be noted that residential areas are not subjected to ADA rules; instead, they are subjected to federal laws.

ADA standard is that all commercial centers should have ADA curb ramp installation, which will give access to individuals with physical disabilities to commercial buildings. The ramps can also be used for other purposes, such as loading trucks, groceries, and others. However, Ada does not require the installation of curb and entrance ramps in locations lacking pedestrian walkways.

ADA Compliant curb ramps must be built following some standard design to help prevent people from tripping or falling out of wheelchairs or scooters due to curb edges or other hazards. Features of a suitable ramp include; easy access, non-slippery, adequate length and width, and moderate height. Factors to consider before ADA curb ramp installation include the area’s location, types, and use of ramps. This will determine the appropriate size and materials to construct the ramp.

An exterior view showing concrete steps with a black metal handrail, leading to a wooden door set within a red brick wall, with shrubs on the side.

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Ramps are constructed along sideways or pedestrian passages to allow disabled people easy access to commercial buildings. These ramps can also be used for other purposes, such as loading trucks, cargo, and others. ADA compliant curb ramp is built based on standards by ADA and UTAS. A Commercial Concrete ramp is significant in public places due to its ability to prevent falling. The power to avoid falling is because it’s built with concrete.

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